Published November 16, 2013 by Cyndi Williams

Waif girl go away
Don’t care what you say
Or what game you play
I am not a waif
You will not say please
Writhing with disease
This time you will leave
You’ll melt in to the sea


Shining Me On

Published November 15, 2013 by Cyndi Williams

I’m tired of all these guys
Wating for me
To come up from behind
With my invisible knife
It’s just a tired excuse
To draw in all of my light
Until the batteries die
And then with great nerve
Ask why I am crying, but . . .
I am strung out on your smile
And even when my sticky tears
Have barely begun to dry
And I feel as though
Blood, were seeping from my eyes
I have to stop and say “Hi”
Physically incapable
Of passing you by

Build a Village

Published May 17, 2013 by Cyndi Williams

The system

Is so twisted

With it’s claws

In all our children

My child

Will not be

Some statistic

Some faceless

Voiceless digit

And I am

Just the girl

To prove it

I can take

All of the bruises

I can make

All of the plans

It takes

A village

I will build

This one

On wisdom

With compassion

Love and vision



Published May 13, 2013 by Cyndi Williams

The worst thing

About the park

That bears my name

Is that the

Picnic tables

Are all chained

So there is no way

To drag one

Under a tree

And lie there


By shifting leaves

Dancing light

And tiny, flashing

Bits of sky

I could almost


The landscape

For changing

The buildings


All my old

Familiar paths

To which

I am still

Quite attatched